Command and monitoring platform

Within the scope of a Bachelor thesis, a new concept for commanding and monitoring of space rover is to be developed. For that, an Android-based app for tablets is being developed. This app is to be connected via a wi-fi connection to a rover and both receive telemetry and allow control over the rover.

The telemetry view is to be designed in such a way that the engineer can assemble it freely according to his requirements. For example, different camera feeds can be viewed simultaneously if the rover is to be controlled manually.

To control the rover a virtual joystick is used which allows direct control of the rover. In addition, there is a command mode planned with which a target position on the map can be assigned to which the rover can travel independently.

Another feature of the app is a direct Bluetooth connection to the microcontrollers. On the one hand, this serves as a safety mechanism to enable the rover to be switched off quickly, and on the other hand as a redundant connection to control the rover and receive basic telemetry.