Stereo camera

The STM32F427 serves as a basis for the development as a computing interface for camera modules. In order to provide sufficient performance parameters, a minimal computer system based on the STM32 is to be implemented.

Three identical camera boards were developed as the first concept. Each of these boards has the STM32 as a designated computer, as well as SDRAM as additional swap space, an Ethernet PHY as data interface and the actual camera module. The main basis for stereovision is the synchronous recording of image data, so all three camera modules are controlled through a separate STM32 via I2C. This additional control unit can receive its commands via CAN BUS or Ethernet from other devices in the system. With an additional voltage regulator, this board should also support all camera boards with the necessary supply voltage.

At present, all three individual camera modules were produced. The control board is located in the review. The functionality of individual interfaces of the camera modules was tested with simple programs. The used software packages are “STM32CubeMX” and “OpenSTM32 – System Workbench for STM32”.

Figure 1: Camera Modules                Figure 2: Single Camera Module